Action Plan on Hearing Loss

Did you know that England has an action plan on hearing loss?

What is it?

It was published in March 2015 by NHS England and the Department of Health. Whilst that makes it nearly a year old, I wanted to write a short blog post about it as a scene setter, because its due for an annual review which, if its publication date is anything to go by, should be due out in the next few months.

Essentially, its a 44 page document (although only the first 25 relate to the plan itself) highlighting the impact of hearing loss on the population with the intention being to “encourage action and promote change across all levels of public service”, and to “provide a rallying call to all those involved to deliver improved hearing outcomes and support for individuals and the population at whatever level they operate.”  Its target audience appears predominantly to be NHS commissioners and Clinical Commissioning groups. Continue reading Action Plan on Hearing Loss