Hearing loss in the workplace: What’s in the news? (27 June-3 July)


Sunday 3 July

One of the reasons I started writing this blog was to offer a positive and solutions-focused approach to managing the challenges that hearing loss throws at us in our working life.  Too often, it feels, we are dragged down into negativity where life simply becomes too hard and disabling and I wanted to counter that with positive stories of people’s lives, tips for managing situations and advice on new technology that can offer support.  

This week gave me reason to be hopeful for the future.  Firstly, I came across two blogposts that really stood out.  One was from Totaljobs.com and included interviews with two deaf people who described their experiences and challenges at work.   It stood out because totaljobs.com is such a mainstream website and therefore it was great to see people with hearing loss on there, talking about their working life and raising the profile of hearing loss amongst working age adults.  The second blogpost was by Stu Nunnery, sharing his perspective on hearing loss awareness.  What struck me was the positive tone he used, and I found myself agreeing with him, that never before has hearing loss had such a high profile, or been discussed so much in the media.  

The other news to give me hope was the continuing work being supported by NHS England on their Action Plan on Hearing Loss and the debate it prompted in Parliament earlier this week.  

Taken together, they make me wonder if we are beginning to witness a sea-change of opinion about hearing loss in working age adults (as opposed to older people) where people will no longer feel it is stigmatising to admit to being deaf and to wearing a hearing aid or using other assistive devices.  Does anyone else feel the same way?

As always, these, and other updates, are included below along with my regular roundup of job opportunities, conferences and events.   

  • Blogpost: What’s it like to be deaf in the workplace?
  • Parliamentary debate on the NHS England Action Plan on Hearing Loss
  • Deafblind awareness week
  • Phonak’s rechargeable hearing aid
  • Summer webinar series on tinnitus
  • Overcharging for hearing aids in Australia
  • Blogpost: Hearing Loss Awareness
  • New career and volunteer opportunities 
  • Key diary dates for conferences and workshops 

NB – I’ll be taking a break next week so the next post will be in two week’s time

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