A review of the best hearing aid on the market

Phonak Audeo V90A couple of week’s ago I was fitted with some Phonak Audeo V90 RIC hearing aids. They’re thought by many to be the best hearing aid on the market and I thought that if I was going to take the plunge into buying some hearing aids privately, then I might as well try out the very best.

I’ve always wondered whether there was much of a difference between NHS aids and privately bought aids, and after two weeks, I can now tell you that there most definitely is!

Now some of this is no doubt down to the customer care I’ve received by going privately and the expertise of the audiologist doing the fitting and fine tuning, and I have to give credit where its due to Castle Hearing for this.

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Taking the plunge with the Phonak Audeo V90

Phonak Audeo V90

So I’ve finally gone and done it. After years of putting off, I’ve taken the first step towards buying my first hearing aid.

I’ve often wondered whether it would be worth the financial outlay and when I’ve asked NHS audiologists, I’ve been assured that NHS hearing aids are no different to those bought privately. But then again, when I’ve asked independent audiologists the same question, they’ve always said that privately bought aids are much better. I’ve therefore never quite known who to believe and in the end, have decided that I just need to try them out for myself and reach my own conclusions.

After doing a lot of reading and talking to people over the past few weeks, I’d drawn up a shortlist of two hearing aids I wanted to try and I then took the plunge and contacted an independent hearing aid dispenser.

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Tips on managing phones 

Artone loop

Our lives revolve around phones, especially mobile phones that are so useful for keeping in touch when you’re out of the office. However, they’re also the bugbear of anyone with a hearing problem, and are one of the first topics of conversation in a room full of deaf people.

My problem with phones began quite a few years ago when my left ear started failing. Continue reading Tips on managing phones