Hearing loss in the workplace: What’s in the news? (13-19 June)


Sunday 19 June

Its been another really interesting week of posts and tweets.  Firstly, there have been a couple of blog posts relating to deafness and musicians (as well as an interesting research post being advertised to lead some research into the subject) .  There was also an announcement about the development of a ‘trip adviser’ style app for hearing loss, the launch of Soundspace online, plans for a Parliamentary debate on hearing loss, and a technology post on the phenomenal rise of the RIC hearing aid.  That, alongside a few new jobs that have been advertised (including a call for trustees from Action on Hearing) and the regular update on conferences and events.   

  • Blogpost: Being deaf in one ear made me the composer I am today
  • Blogpost: 6 powerful advantages of being a deaf pianist
  • US army using innovative smart earplugs
  • Plans for a ‘trip advisor’ style app for hearing loss are launched
  • Free ‘Living with hearing loss’ course in London and ‘Self management programmes’ in Scotland 
  • Parliamentary debate on hearing loss
  • Blogpost: Hearing aid disruption
  • Launch of Soundspace online.
  • This week’s Hear 2 Work blogpost
  • New career and volunteer opportunities 
  • Key diary dates for conferences and workshops 

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Personal stories from the workplace: Sue the photographer

Hear 2 Work regularly talks to people about their work and their hearing loss to find out how their experiences could help you.

Sue Todd
Sue Todd from Sue Todd Photography.
Sue suffered from chronic ear infections as a child that left her with poor hearing. However, it wasn’t until she was an adult that she was offered a hearing aid and then later a BAHA. Here, Sue talks about her experiences in dealing with clients both as an IT manager and now in her work as a professional photographer (you can find her at Sue Todd Photography), and the confidence her BAHA has given her. She also offers some positive advice for those just starting out in their career.

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