Surviving the ‘Xmas do’

This might seem a little premature, but where I work, we had our Christmas lunch booked weeks ago! Anyway, it’s that time of year again isn’t it?  The start of Christmas parties and work ‘dos’.

I have to admit that I haven’t been to an evening Christmas party for several years. It’s not that I don’t like a party, it’s just that it can prove impossible to hold a conversation and very easy to end up feeling deflated and defeated by the end of the night. Continue reading Surviving the ‘Xmas do’

Tips on managing phones 

Artone loop

Our lives revolve around phones, especially mobile phones that are so useful for keeping in touch when you’re out of the office. However, they’re also the bugbear of anyone with a hearing problem, and are one of the first topics of conversation in a room full of deaf people.

My problem with phones began quite a few years ago when my left ear started failing. Continue reading Tips on managing phones 

Getting up and off to work

Unless you’ve got a really good internal body clock or you’re a naturally early riser, then you’re likely to need some means of being rudely awakened in the morning.  However, for those of us with hearing loss, there is of course an added complication – we often can’t hear the alarm going off!

Never fear.  There are a few solutions available to us.   Continue reading Getting up and off to work

Starting Out

hearing aid photoWelcome to Hear 2 Work!  A new blog dedicated to helping people with hearing loss, manage day-to-day at work.

I had a similar blog a few years ago on the Hearing Link website, but after a while, my own job became so busy that I found it difficult to set aside the time to write and, to be honest, I also started to run out of ideas! Now that I’ve got a little more free time, and also some greater freedom about the range of things I can write about, I thought I’d revisit the idea. Continue reading Starting Out