Hearing loss in the workplace: What’s in the news? (23-29 May)


Sunday 29 May

So, its been a relatively quiet week this week, but here are a few things from my timelines that I thought you might be interested in.  In addition, if you’re looking for work, there have been a number vacancies advertised at the Royal Association for Deaf People and also by DeafPlus that you can check out below.    

  • Research: AOHL Hearing Progress Report
  • GOV.UK survey on accessibility
  • NGT Lite: mobile phone app
  • Blogpost: My fight to get Access to Work funding
  • Kyle DiMarco wins Dancing with the Stars
  • New career and volunteer opportunities 
  • Key diary dates for conferences and workshops (new entries highlighted in blue)

In the news

Hearing Progress Report

Action on Hearing Loss launched its 2015 Hearing Progress Report, providing  an update on the programmes of research it is funding.  It includes details of genetic discoveries relating to glue ear and also otosclerosis, and also examines the link between tinnitus and ‘hidden hearing loss.

GOV.UK survey on accessibility

GOV.UK launched their assistive technology survey for 2016, to seek views on how accessible their websites are.  The survey is open until the end of June.

NGT Lite

@Deafieblogger and @NDCS tweeted during the week about a NGT Lite phone service that helps deaf and hard of hearing people to make calls from their phone via the Next Generation Text Service.

Blogpost: My fight to get Access to Work funding

There was an interesting blog post published in the Stage this week about the difficulties faced by an actor to obtain Access to Work funding because of the intermittent nature of their work.

Nyle DiMarco wins Dancing with the Stars

Finally, the twitter sphere was flooded for a couple of days with tweets about Nyle DiMarco, a top model in the States, who won the Dances with the Stars competition who also just happens to be Deaf.  In the midst of all the posts written about his win, Limping Chicken took the opportunity to highlight his efforts and in particular the use of his victory message to raise the profile of Deaf people across the world.

New Career and Volunteer opportunities

Some weeks I occasionally spot career and volunteering opportunities which I’ll post here from time to time.  This week’s opportunities include:

Key Diary Dates

Finally, here are some dates for your diary. If you know of any other key events that I’ve missed, then let me know and I’ll include them next time.

National Association of Deaf People – 11 June

NADP are holding a conference alongside their AGM on Saturday 11th June 2016 at the Ear Foundation in Nottingham.  Entitled “Adjusting to deafness – what is available?”, the conference offers topics of interest to those who are newly deafened and also information for members who have been deafened for some time who would like to know about new developments.

Hearing Loss Association of America: 2016 Convention 23-26 June

The Hearing Loss Association of America has announced the details of its convention for 2016 which will be held in Washington, DC between 23-26 June.  It looks like an interesting programme.

Tinnitus Information Day – 2 July

The British Tinnitus Association is holding a tinnitus information day in Manchester on 2 July.

Concepts and Techniques of Contemporary Hearing Research – 18-22 July

The National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) announced a free weeklong course at their institute in Bethesda, Maryland.  Their website includes details of the programme for each day.

British Deaf Association 2016 Congress – 20-24 July

This year the BDA celebrates 125 years and will be holding its annual congress in Torquay.

Deaf and Disability Careers Fair – 9 September

Deaf Unity announced their Deaf and Disability Careers Fair to take place on 9 September in Bristol.

 33rd World Congress of Audiology – 18-21 September

Early bird registration is now open for the World Congress of Audiology which, this year, takes place in Vancouver, Canada.

British Tinnitus Association – 22 September

The British Tinnitus Association is holding its annual conference in Manchester.

Association of Speech Language Interpreters (ASLI) – annual conference on 1-2 October 

The next ASLI conference will be held on 1-2 October in Newcastle upon Tyne . Check out ASLI’s webpage for their call for abstracts along with details of the conference theme and venue.

British Academy of Audiology – 10-11 November

The BAA Conference is the largest audiology conference in the UK attracting a host of international speakers. This year it will be held in Glasgow.

The Third International Meeting on Internet & Audiology – 27-28 July 2017

This is a free conference being held at the University of Louisville, Kentucky.  Looking at last year’s programme (which can be found on the webpage), it looks like there could be some really interesting presentations and discussions.

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