Hearing loss in the workplace: What’s in the news? (21-27 March)


Sunday 27 March

 If you’re busy trying to juggle work and home life, then you might not have had time to catch up on  the news and social media this week.   Here’s my regular roundup of the highlights from my timelines, that should bring you up to date.  
  • Adult Hearing Screening report and conference feedback  
  • Has Apple revolutionised medical research? 
  • Hearing aid batteries: tips for longer life 
  • Diabetes and hearing impairment in adults
  • How do we hear? The mechanics behind our hearing.
  • Improving speech recognition for those with cochlea implants
  • 17 blogposts on noise and hearing loss 
  • Development of the World Health Organisation’s Priority Assistive Products List
  • Access to hearing aids in Australia
  • Career Opportunities  
  • Key diary dates

In the news

Adult Hearing Screening: Can we afford to wait any longer?

Last week I reported on the Ear Foundation conference in London on the subject of Adult Hearing Screening.  The conference also served to launch a new report on the subject which wasn’t available at the time of writing, but it was made available the day after.  A series of tweets summarising the key messages from the conference is also available here on the Ear Foundation twitter feed.

Has Apple’s ResearchKit revolutionised medical research? 

Apple was in the news again this week, this time relating to its ResearchKit service that helps medical researchers develop iPhone based studies.  It claims to be revolutionising medical research by facilitating easy recruitment of people into medical research and enabling collation of real-time data for clinical trials.

Hearing aid batteries: Tips for longer life

Need advice on improving the life of your hearing aid batteries?  Here is a post from  Katherine Bouton’s Blog published this week that offered just that.

Diabetes and the risk of hearing impairment in adults

When I looked at this systematic review and meta-analysis, I realised that it was in fact published in 2012, so its not new!  However, I’d not come across it before, and for me it provided the evidence for the claims I’ve continually read about the links between hearing loss and diabetes. One to keep in my back pocket and bring out now and again when needed.

How do we hear?

Whilst this was originally posted last year, again I only came across it this week and thought it interesting.  Its a post from the US National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, on the steps involved in us hearing something. It begins from the moment the sound enters our ear canal, moves through the cochlea and finally stimulates the auditory nerve before entering the brain. (This may be for those of a more medical geeky nature!)

BBC Inside Science (podcast) 

This week’s Inside Science programme reported on some research into improving speech recognition for those with cochlear implants.

Noise and Hearing Loss 

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shared a tweet that helpfully provided a link to their 17 blog posts on noise and hearing loss.

WHO’s Priority Assistive Products List

The World Health Organisation provided a further update on the development of their priority assistive products list.  The aim is to provide Member States with a model from which they can develop their own national priority assistive products lists and it seems that hearing aids may feature high up on those lists ,with the hope that it will improve access for many people.

Access to hearing aids in Australia

This article highlights some of the pitfalls facing those in Australia who are looking to buy hearing aids and sets out some of the options available.

New Career and Volunteer opportunities

Some weeks I occasionally spot career and volunteering opportunities which I’ll post here from time to time.  This week’s opportunities include:

 Key Diary Dates

Finally, here are some dates for your diary. If you know of any other key events that I’ve missed, then please let me know.

Hearing the Future: Rehabilitation of hearing loss and neuroplasticity – 2 April

This meeting held in Berlin will discuss and highlight the research progress on cochlear implants, stem cells gene treatment and drug deliveries to the inner ear.

Spring Workshop – Association of Lipspeakers – 2 April

This workshop has three outcomes – to have a better understanding of Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2); to gain knowledge of working in a variety of domains including medical and driving theory; and to have an understanding of some medical conditions that cause people to become deafened and require the services of lipspeakers.

Audiology Now! – 13-16 April

Described as the largest gathering of audiologists in the world, AudiologyNOW! 2016 is the American Academy of Audiology’s annual convention and expo and takes place in Pheonix Arizona.

British Society of Audiology – annual conference – 25-27 April

This is the leading UK scientific forum for clinicians and researchers who have an interest in hearing, tinnitus and balance.

BSHAA Congress – 13-14 May

The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologist takes place in Nottingham on May 13th and 14th and has chosen Celebrating Excellence as its theme

Molecular Biology of Hearing and Deafness – 17-20 May

The 10th Molecular Biology of Hearing and Deafness conference takes place in Cambridge, England and will be looking at recent discoveries in the field including new genes involved in deafness and new pathways that underlie the development, function, repair and regeneration of the auditory system. There will also be a strong focus on approaches, currently being developed, for treating or preventing deafness caused by noise, drugs and mutations.

Hearing Loss Association of America: 2016 Convention 23-26 June

The Hearing Loss Association of America has announced the details of its convention for 2016 which will be held in Washington, DC between 23-26 June.  It looks like an interesting programme.

The Third International Meeting on Internet & Audiology – 27-28 July 2017

This is a free conference being held at the University of Louisville, Kentucky.  Looking at last year’s programme (which can be found on the webpage), it looks like there could be some really interesting presentations and discussions.

Association of Speech Language Interpreters (ASLI) – annual conference on 1-2 October 

The next ASLI conference will be held on 1-2 October in Newcastle upon Tyne . Check out ASLI’s webpage for their call for abstracts along with details of the conference theme and venue.

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