Hearing loss in the workplace: What’s in the news? (7-13 March)


Sunday 13 March

If you’re busy trying to juggle work and home life, then you might not have had time to catch up on  the news and social media this week.   Here’s my regular roundup of the highlights from my timelines, that should bring you up to date.  

  • Effective communication in interviews 
  • Hearing Loop Checks 
  • Hearables 
  • AC/DC postpones tour as lead singer risks complete deafness 
  • Is there proof that hearing devices benefit cognitive decline
  • Warning over defective hearing aid batteries
  • A push for less expensive hearing aids
  • Deaf techies are an untapped resource
  • This week’s blog 
  • Key diary dates

In the news

Deborah Cochrane: Employers should show effective communication in interviews

The Limping Chicken website published a guest blog from Deborah Cochrane describing some of her experiences in job interviews.

Hearing Loop Checks 

Hearing Link published the results of more than 700 hearing loop awareness checks that took place last November.   Unfortunately, the results were described as consistently poor, highlighting the need for much more progress to be made.


This week saw more blogs and news releases on the development of hearables including:

AC/DC postpones tour as lead singer risks complete deafness

This was first reported on Tuesday but has been shared repeatedly all week long, supported by additional stories about other rock musicians who suffer from hearing loss – a well known risk for musicians.

Is there finally proof that wearing hearing devices benefits cognitive function 

Shari Eberts published an interesting blog post this week referring to some recent research that indicates the use of hearing aids might reduce cognitive decline.

This was also supported by further research reported this week on the Hear-it website (Study confirms association between hearing loss and dementia and cognitive decline).

Warning over defective hearing aid batteries

The Medicinces and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency issued a press release warning about defective hearing aid batteries that have a low risk of exploding.  If you have any ZeniPower mercury free hearing aids then check out the details of the press release here.

A push for less expensive hearing aids 

An article in the New York Times highlighted the cost of hearing aids in the USA and some developments that might help to drive down costs.

Deaf techies are an untapped resource

Blogpost on the difficulty of securing a job as a deaf techie.

This week’s blog

And of course, here’s another opportunity to check out my blog post from earlier this week, a review of the Vibralite 3 vibrating watch.

Some Diary Dates

Finally, here are some dates for your diary. If you know of any other key events that I’ve missed, then please let me know.

Ear Foundation: Adult Hearing Screening conference – 17 March

The Ear Foundation are planning a conference in London on 17 March on the subject of Adult Hearing Screening.  (Some of you might recall my recent blog ‘From hearing screening to hearables’ about the outcome of the latest deliberations of the National Screening Committee on the future of the programme.)

Hearing the Future: Rehabilitation of hearing loss and neuroplasticity – 2 April

This meeting held in Berlin will discuss and highlight the research progress on cochlear implants, stem cells gene treatment and drug deliveries to the inner ear.

Spring Workshop – Association of Lipspeakers – 2 April

This workshop has three outcomes – to have a better understanding of Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2); to gain knowledge of working in a variety of domains including medical and driving theory; and to have an understanding of some medical conditions that cause people to become deafened and require the services of lipspeakers.

British Society of Audiology – annual conference – 25-27 April

This is the leading UK scientific forum for clinicians and researchers who have an interest in hearing, tinnitus and balance.

Hearing Loss Association of America: 2016 Convention 23-26 June

The Hearing Loss Association of America has announced the details of its convention for 2016 which will be held in Washington, DC between 23-26 June.  It looks like an interesting programme.

Association of Speech Language Interpreters (ASLI) – annual conference on 1-2 October 

The next ASLI conference will be held on 1-2 October in Newcastle upon Tyne . Check out ASLI’s webpage for their call for abstracts along with details of the conference theme and venue.

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