Vibrating Watches: A review of the Vibralite 3

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review of three vibrating watches comprising two from the Vibralite range along with the Amplicomms AW500.  Today, I’m reviewing another Vibralite watch which has been kindly provided by Connevans. (If you’re looking for a vibrating alarm clock then check out this review).

Vibralite 3 (circa £48)

The Vibralite 3 has a good range of functions including a dual alarm, hourly alert, an audible alert as well as a vibrating alert (or both), a stopwatch,  countdown timer, a second clock setting for travelling in different time zones and a backlight. 

Vibralite 3 watchStrap and general quality – The watch has a thick sturdy black and grey leather strap with lots of holes to adjust for a wide range of wrist sizes.

As a whole, it has a good quality metal and plastic casing with a solid feel to it.  However, the watch body is quite thick and chunky and with the predominance of plastic casing is probably more suited to those who are happy wearing sports-type watches than a dress watch.

Set-up & Instructions – Similar to my previous review of the Vibralite mini and Vibralite 12, I found the Vibralite 3 quite difficult to set up and its functions and button presses didn’t feel intuitive.  I had to return to the instructions to be sure of which button to press and in which order to be able to set the alarms.  However, the functions of each of the four buttons are similar to other Vibralite models and so if you already own one of these and wanted to change to the Vibralite 3, then you’d find it easy to do so.

The position of the set-up buttons are similar to those found on the Vibralite 12 and are more prominent than the Vibralite mini. Therefore, they are easier to press and make adjustments whilst the watch is on your wrist.  The printing on the casing beside each of the functions buttons is clearly visible.

Vibralite 3 watchface.JPG

Display – The Vibralite 3 has a small face. Whilst the time is clearly visible, other displays on the face such as the day, date and alarm settings are less so and very pixelated.  However, the backlight is very good and provides some compensation. It illuminates the whole watch face and remains on for 2-3 seconds after pressing.

Vibration – It has an intermittent, pulsing vibration that is quite strong, but it helps if the watch is closely fitted around your wrist.  The alarm was strong enough to wake me up but might not be powerful enough to rouse a heavy sleeper.

There are 2 alarms so that one alarm can be set during the day (for example for a medication reminder) as well as one being used for a wake up alarm.  The alarm itself continues for around 10-15 seconds with no repeat.


In style, the Vibralite 3 is closely related to the Vibralite mini in its sports type looks, but it has a more solid and better quality feel. Being slightly bigger, the face is also clearer but its display lets it down and apart from the time, its difficult to see the rest of the watch face without using the backlight to illuminate it.

As well as the display, the other downside for me is the same for the rest of the Vibralite range, and that is the complexity of its functions and button presses to set the time and its alarms.

If I was to choose between the Vibralite mini, Vibralite 3 or Vibralite 12, then I’d be inclined to choose the Vibralite 12.  It has a much clearer display, a solid metal casing and is, I feel, a smarter, dressier watch all round.

The full range of vibrating watches from Connevans is available here

Are there any vibrating watches that you would recommend?

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