Hearing loss in the workplace: What’s in the news? (22-28 Feb)


Sunday 28 February

 If you’re busy trying to juggle work and home life, then you might not have had time to catch up on  the news and social media this week.   Here’s a roundup of the highlights from my timelines, that should bring you up to date.  
  • Cochlear Implant Awareness Day
  • What the ear means for the future of wearables
  • What goes into the cost of producing hearing aids
  • Phone that boosts clarity for deaf people
  • One in eight italians has a hearing loss
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Variability of hearing aid battery life
  • Impact of hearing aids on memory, speech and working life

In the news

Cochlear Implant Awareness Day

Last Thursday was Cochlear Implant Awareness Day and so a lot of posts during the week were geared towards this.  Some of the best I saw were the following:

Bragi, on “What the ear means for the future of wearables” 

An interesting article on the future of wearables and the development of hearables (devices to be worn in the ear), for the collection and storage of data.

What goes into the cost of producing hearing aids? 

An interesting article from Healthy hearing on the development of hearing aids.

Phone that boosts clarity for deaf people 

Sally Shaw, Director of Ideas for Ears was involved in the testing of some new technology and software called the Goshawk Portal that helps to amplify sounds on your phone.

One in eight italians has a hearing loss

Hear-it reported on the findings from the Eurotrak Italy study that found 13.6% of Italians report having a hearing loss and of those, only 25% use hearing aids.  These are compared to the findings from other European countries.


I also came across a couple of interesting posts on the use of LinkedIn, including this one on mistakes to avoid when using LInkedIn, and one providing tips on writing the perfect LInkedin Summary.

Variability of hearing aid battery life 

A blog by Hearing health matters on battery life performance.

Impact of hearing aids on memory, speech and working life

I reported this a couple of weeks ago and it has continued to be heavily shared on twitter this week.

Its a study from the University of Texas which has reported that the use of hearing aids improves brain function as well as working life. The author Jamie Desjardins said, “Think about somebody who is still working and they’re not wearing hearing aids and they are spending so much of their brainpower just trying to focus on listening. They may not be able to perform their job as well. Or if they can, they’re exhausted because they are working so much harder. They are more tired at the end of the day and it’s a lot more taxing. It affects their quality of life.”

This week’s blogs

And of course, here’s another opportunity to check out my blog post from earlier this week which relates to my recent trial of the Phonak Audeo V90: “A review of the best hearing aid on the market“.

Some Diary Dates

Finally, here are some dates for your diary

Lunch debate at the European Parliament – 1 March

In advance of World Hearing Day on 3 March, a lunch debate is being held on March 1st at the European Parliament.  The title of the debate is  “Hearing awareness. Professional Hearing Care Makes You Smarter and Healthier”, with the aim of presenting the benefits of professional hearing care.

World Hearing Day – 3 March

Its world hearing day on 3 March so no doubt there’ll be a lot of posting about this which I’ll report on next week.

Hearing loss and cognitive decline conference – 3 March

This conference aims to showcase the relationship between hearing loss and dementia, bringing together professionals from health and social care, academia, and the wider public, private and third sectors with those living and caring for deafness and dementia, providing a rare chance to engage with and learn from each other.

Ear Foundation: Adult Hearing Screening conference – 17 March

The Ear Foundation are planning a conference in London on 17 March on the subject of Adult Hearing Screening.  (Some of you might recall my recent blog ‘From hearing screening to hearables’ about the outcome of the latest deliberations of the National Screening Committee on the future of the programme.)

Hearing the Future: Rehabilitation of hearing loss and neuroplasticity – 2 April

This meeting held in Berlin will discuss and highlight the research progress on cochlear implants, stem cells gene treatment and drug deliveries to the inner ear.

Spring Workshop – Association of Lipspeakers – 2 April

This workshop has three outcomes – to have a better understanding of Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2); to gain knowledge of working in a variety of domains including medical and driving theory; and to have an understanding of some medical conditions that cause people to become deafened and require the services of lipspeakers.

British Society of Audiology – annual conference 25-27 April

This is the leading UK scientific forum for clinicians and researchers who have an interest in hearing, tinnitus and balance.

Hearing Loss Association of America: 2016 Convention 23-26 June

The Hearing Loss Association of America has announced the details of its convention for 2016 which will be held in Washington, DC between 23-26 June.  It looks like an interesting programme.

Association of Speech Language Interpreters (ASLI) – annual conference on 1-2 October 

The next ASLI conference will be held on 1-2 October in Newcastle upon Tyne . Check out ASLI’s webpage for their call for abstracts along with details of the conference theme and venue.

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