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hearing aid photoWelcome to Hear 2 Work!  A new blog dedicated to helping people with hearing loss, manage day-to-day at work.

I had a similar blog a few years ago on the Hearing Link website, but after a while, my own job became so busy that I found it difficult to set aside the time to write and, to be honest, I also started to run out of ideas! Now that I’ve got a little more free time, and also some greater freedom about the range of things I can write about, I thought I’d revisit the idea.

We know that 40% of over 50 year olds (that’s 2 in every 5 people!) have some degree of hearing loss[1], and with an ageing population and one that has to work for longer, there’s going to be a growing need for some advice on the subject.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert in the field, so I’m going to be using this as an opportunity to study and learn too. But as someone who has had a growing hearing loss for the past 20 years, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way and have quite a bit of experience that I can draw on. I’m also fortunate to have worked in the NHS for the past 30 years and so don’t feel phased by hospitals and doctors, and I’m not afraid to ask questions when I don’t understand something.

Its been very difficult at times, but I’ve been lucky to have worked with some very supportive colleagues and managers who’ve encouraged me to be open about my hearing (which I now realise is a very important first step). I know that some people aren’t as fortunate, and find it incredibly difficult to cope at work. Others, sadly feel they have to leave employment altogether.

So, in the hope that this could help a few people out there, I’m going to share some of my experiences and ideas, for what they’re worth. I’m also going to blog about some of the latest research and developments, policies, products and gadgets that can help to make working life more manageable, always trying to be solutions focused rather than problem focused.

Importantly, I hope that you will also share your experiences so that we can learn from one another. Please leave your comments below if you’ve any suggestions for issues that Hear 2 Work should cover in the coming weeks. Alternatively, feel free to share experiences about your own work that you think might be helpful to others.


[1] Action on Hearing (2015)

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    1. They were my thoughts exactly. Sometimes day to day life is difficult but we need to just get on with it and try our best to work through things.

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